Friday, April 4, 2008

North Carolina Super delegate FOR SALE?

Barack Obama has received a bit of a boost lately from super delegates and one has to wonder why? Well it could be that one would only have to look at donations to get an idea of what might be going on behind closed doors.

Example #1 is Rep. Heath Shuler is a super delegate Unpledged; however he has received a donation from Barack Obama or his campaign in the eye and wallet popping amount of 10,000.00! Will this have any influence on his Super Delegate vote? Was it right for him to accept this sizable “donation” considering the import of his vote in this primary?

A North Carolina super delegate has received a whopping $10,000.00 from Barack Obama. The Clinton campaign has donated $00.00 compared to the massive Obama sum of $10,000.00.

From the point of view of an everyday voter this certainly does look like back room deals are being struck or is there an attempt to “buy” super delegate votes from the voters of North Carolina? Is a North Carolina politician able to be bought? Though North Carolina voters should not feel alone, there is pattern of enormous donations to super delegates and it is repeated across the country. We will be taking a look at each and every one of them. The voters of this nation have a RIGHT to the TRUTH which the mass media is working hard to enable the Obama campaign to hide from voters.


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