Friday, April 4, 2008

North Carolina Super delegate FOR SALE?

Barack Obama has received a bit of a boost lately from super delegates and one has to wonder why? Well it could be that one would only have to look at donations to get an idea of what might be going on behind closed doors.

Example #1 is Rep. Heath Shuler is a super delegate Unpledged; however he has received a donation from Barack Obama or his campaign in the eye and wallet popping amount of 10,000.00! Will this have any influence on his Super Delegate vote? Was it right for him to accept this sizable “donation” considering the import of his vote in this primary?

A North Carolina super delegate has received a whopping $10,000.00 from Barack Obama. The Clinton campaign has donated $00.00 compared to the massive Obama sum of $10,000.00.

From the point of view of an everyday voter this certainly does look like back room deals are being struck or is there an attempt to “buy” super delegate votes from the voters of North Carolina? Is a North Carolina politician able to be bought? Though North Carolina voters should not feel alone, there is pattern of enormous donations to super delegates and it is repeated across the country. We will be taking a look at each and every one of them. The voters of this nation have a RIGHT to the TRUTH which the mass media is working hard to enable the Obama campaign to hide from voters.


Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Is Barack Obama buying Indiana Super delegates?

Barack Obama has received a bit of a boost lately from super delegates and one has to wonder why? Well it could be that one would only have to look at donations to get an idea of what might be going on behind closed doors.

Example #1 is Rep. Brad Ellsworth is a super delegate Unpledged; however he has received a donation from Barack Obama or his campaign in the eye and wallet popping amount of 10,000.00! Will this have any influence on his Super Delegate vote? Was it right for him to accept this sizable “donation” considering the import of his vote in this primary?

Example #2 is Rep. Joe Donnelly is a super delegate Unpledged; however he has received a donation from Barack Obama or his campaign in the not inconsiderable amount of $7,500.00! Will this have any influence on his Super Delegate vote? Was it right for him to accept this sizable “donation” considering the import of his vote in this primary?

Example #3 is Rep Baron Hill is a super delegate Unpledged; however he has received a donation from Barack Obama or his campaign in the substantial amount of 12,500.00! He also accepted a donation for Hillary Clinton or the Hillary Clinton campaign in the generally acceptable amount of $2500.00. Will this have any influence on his Super Delegate vote? Was it right for him to accept this sizable “donation” considering the import of his vote in this primary?

Indiana super delegates have received a whopping $32,500.00 from both the Obama and Clinton campaigns combined. The Clinton campaign has donated a paltry $2500.00 compared to the massive Obama sum of $30,000.00.

From the point of view of an everyday voter this certainly does look like back room deals are being struck or is there an attempt to “buy” super delegate votes from the voters of Indiana? Are Indiana lawmakers able to be bought? Though Indiana voters should not feel alone, this pattern of donations to super delegates is repeated across the country and we will be taking a look at each and every one of them. The voters of this nation have a RIGHT to the TRUTH which the mass media is working hard to enable the Obama campaign to hide from voters.


Monday, March 31, 2008

Pennsylvania Super delegates FOR SALE?

Barack Obama has received a bit of a boost lately from super delegates and one has to wonder why? Well it could be that one would only have to look at donations to get an idea of what might be going on behind closed doors.

Example #1 is Rep. Patrick Murphy is a super delegate pledged to Barack Obama coincidently received a donation from or on behalf of Barack Obama or his campaign in the eye and wallet popping amount of 18,826.00! That is the 3rd largest donation NATIONALLY by or on behalf of Barack Obama I can locate as of this date.

Example #2 is Congressman Chris Carney who is a super delegate unpledged but has received a donation from or on behalf of Barack Obama or his campaign in the enormous amount of 12,500.00! This donation is in the highest bracket of donations by or on behalf of Barack Obama.

Example #3 is Congressman Jason Altmire who is a super delegate unpledged but has received a donation from or on behalf of Barack Obama or his campaign in the enormous amount of 10,000.00! This donation is in the highest bracket of donations by or on behalf of Barack Obama.

Example #4 Congressman Chaka Fattah who is a super delegate pledged to Barack Obama coincidentally received a donation from or on behalf of Barack Obama or his campaign in the amount of 4,000.00!

Pennsylvania super delegates have received a whopping 80,326.00 from both the Obama and Clinton campaigns combined. The Clinton campaign has donated a paltry 20,000.00 compared to the massive Obama sum of 60,326.00.

From the point of view of a simple voter this certainly does look like back room deals are being struck in the name of the voters of Pennsylvania. Are Pennsylvania lawmakers able to be bought? Though Pennsylvania voters should not feel alone, this pattern of donations to super delegates is repeated across the country and we will be taking a look at each and every one of them. The voters of this nation have a RIGHT to the TRUTH which the mass media is working hard to enable the Obama campaign to hide from voters.


Friday, March 28, 2008

Obama sets race relations back 30 years

We do receive death threats since we, our little group, stated making our opinions known and we regularly receive emails from people who obviously have no comprehension of civil rights or racial issues now or in the past. Below is an email I received and it is followed by my response, please note this response is my personal response.

Email we received:
if hillary wins, it will be at any cost.she has no grace,with each passing day the inevitable coronation she feels entitled is diminishing right before our eyes.beautiful,this is not a fucking dynasty.bush,clinton,bush,clinton its something fundamentally wrong with that dont you think¿think? now last but not least if you know any black older people who have been oppressed they thoughts doesnt differ much from rev wright,shame on america for promoting legalizing and terrorizing the very same people who were their slaves cooks & they just past the civil rights law not even 50 years aqo,c,mon!!!!

My Response:
You attempt to lecture me on civil rights, yet you show you have no concept of civil rights nor the the movement nor the progresses we have made. I have been part of the civil rights movement my entire life. What have you done? I know these "older black people" you speak of and they are quite disgusted by the words of Rev. Wright and the pandering of the "race" speech obama made. They found it mostly insulting. The radical movement of black liberation theology is new theology first and second it is based in holding on to old wrongs rather than moving past them. As a wonderful "older black man" recently said to me "jesus told us to turn the other cheek if we never do then we are still staring at old ugliness and that old ugliness aint there no more unless we put it there" these are the words of an 80+ year old southern black man, he also pointed out that this "rev" wright teaches only old testament which is pre jesus we are supposed to live by the new testament.
I know the civil rights fight in the south I have lived through the KKK so dont try and tell me I dont understand. You are sadly mistaken. My understanding doesnt come from photos and books it comes from real life real tears and real sacrifices, its hard for the younger people to judge what they did not live through when it is being taught to them from a racist and a bigot it only serves to propagate hatred instead of unity.
I have witnesses the bloody beaten bodies of racism I have witnessed the burning crosses I have witnessed the degradation of separate doors and water fountains and bathrooms and I have felt and seen the beauty and joy of the unity Dr. King brought to this country and Obama is no Dr. King and his understanding of the past struggles is limited to 20+ years in the pew of a racist hate spewing man. He has struggled for no equality he is a product of all the progresses we worked and struggled for yet rather than look at progresses he wants to fester the past and that will only bring it back.
I am sorry but for me this is personal. I sit here typing this and tears are running down my cheeks because of all the memories and all the sacrifices of the past and I see this man moving things backwards instead of forward and I see this country I love being divided so negatively when we have worked so hard for so long and made outstanding progress. I cant sit silently by while all those sacrifices and all those truths are ignored. Obama stood in Selma Alabama and LIED about Selma Alabama. As far as Hillary Clinton goes, she has actually WORKED hard for civil rights for special entitlements for black americans for education and for health care for everyone for years and years she has done more than just get elected to the next highest office she has actually WORKED to help all people. It is not about a dynasty it is about American and actually making it better for EVERYONE.
A Silenced Voter

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Howard Dean Stacking Credentials Committee Stealing Democracy

I did something I usually don’t do, I watched an interview with Carl Rove which aired on Fox News March 26 on the Greta Van Sustren Show. Carl Rove the originator of Rovian tactics made a statement about Howard Dean, chairman of the democratic party, which if true, to me as a Democrat, proves beyond much doubt Howard Dean is hijacking the Democratic Party. Carl Rove seemed almost in awe of Howard Dean’s tactics, as if Howard Dean has taken Rovian tactics to a new high or low depending on your view.

Carl Rove stated that Howard Dean had appointed 25 “Howard Dean loyalist” to the credentials committee and the remainder of the seats on the committee would be split between the candidates on a percentage basis. This is called stacking the deck. Lets put aside the utter lack of democratic leadership Howard Dean has shown and lets look at this delegate issue.

The chairman of the democratic party which espoused the slogan “Every Vote Counts” has sought for over a year to silence voters and strong arm the nomination process and completely negate the entire premise that every vote counts by refusing to count votes. He is not alone in the quest, John Kerry and Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama are very supportive of these efforts. Now, the only chance the voters of Michigan and Florida have is the credentials committee at the convention, which again if true this committee is being stacked in favor of silencing voters, utterly undemocratic. Why and what can be done about it?

I don’t think the why is hard to surmise. Howard Dean’s own comments in the past ring loudly in light of his recent actions, he stated he would rather be president than be right, that indicates a deep seeded yearning for the ultimate power in the United States. He silently ignored New Hampshire’s rules violation and never sought to penalize New Hampshire voters while seeking blood from the voters of Michigan and Florida by way of negation of all votes. Debbie Dingell Michigan DNC rep stated on CNN on March 5th that Howard Dean had come to Michigan and made promises that the votes of Michigan would be counted. . Was this early delegate issue allowed to fester even exacerbated by Howard Dean in order to manipulate the nomination process? Now the accusation that he is stacking the credentials committee

To the democratic party elders, this is supposed to be the democratic party not the radical leftist party. Remember swift boat because you are about to be in one again. You must stop this and return democracy to the party without a viable center candidate all democrats will be rowing in the Rev. Wright swift boat away from Washington in November instead of marching in victoriously.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Barack Obama & Speech on Race.its not ok

Barack Obama gives a political speech that should have been given from a pulpit not a political podium.

He stated “Did I know him to be an occasionally fierce critic of American domestic and foreign policy? Of course. Did I ever hear him make remarks that could be considered controversial while I sat in church? Yes. Did I strongly disagree with many of his political views? Absolutely – just as I’m sure many of you have heard remarks from your pastors, priests, or rabbis with which you strongly disagreed.” The problem with the words and sentiment is that he did not leave he chose to continue sitting in that pew and listening to these hateful divisive sentiments spewed from the pulpit and supporting these sentiments in doing so.

He then goes on. “But the remarks that have caused this recent firestorm weren’t simply controversial. They weren’t simply a religious leader’s effort to speak out against perceived injustice. Instead, they expressed a profoundly distorted view of this country – a view that sees white racism as endemic, and that elevates what is wrong with America above all that we know is right with America; a view that sees the conflicts in the Middle East as rooted primarily in the actions of stalwart allies like Israel, instead of emanating from the perverse and hateful ideologies of radical Islam” The problem here is the “religious leader” was teaching. He was infecting his congregation with these ideas and thoughts and you sat there, by your own admission and accepted it and in doing so you encouraged it and added your agreement with it by silently sitting there for all those years.

He then goes on… “Given my background, my politics, and my professed values and ideals, there will no doubt be those for whom my statements of condemnation are not enough. Why associate myself with Reverend Wright in the first place, they may ask? Why not join another church? And I confess that if all that I knew of Reverend Wright were the snippets of those sermons that have run in an endless loop on the television and You Tube, or if Trinity United Church of Christ conformed to the caricatures being peddled by some commentators, there is no doubt that I would react in much the same way” Mr. Obama, no the “snippets” are not all you knew, again by your own admission, this has gone on for a long period of time Mr. Obama and you chose to remain you chose to continue to support, until such time as it is not politically convenient any longer.

When you followed the above comments with “The man I met more than twenty years ago is a man who helped introduce me to my Christian faith, a man who spoke to me about our obligations to love one another; to care for the sick and lift up the poor.” I wondered if that would be the same as the creed your church has….The BLACK community….The BLACK work ethic….The Black Family did or does it continue with to care for the BLACK sick and lift up the BLACK poor by housing the BLACK homeless, ministering to the BLACK needy, providing BLACK day care services and BLACK scholarships and BLACK prison ministries, and reaching out to those BLACKS suffering from HIV/AIDS? Disgusting statement isn’t it. You can not get away from you choice and the creed of the church you chose to attend for 20+ years.
Barack Obama gave a speech this morning that basically said ignore the 20+ years I have supported this church and believed in this pastor and absorbed his teaching and considered him my mentor, but don’t hold my choice to attended a racially divisive and radically racially separatist church against me, just love me because I am the only one that can bring unity.

“But we do need to remind ourselves that so many of the disparities that exist in the African-American community today can be directly traced to inequalities passed on from an earlier generation that suffered under the brutal legacy of slavery and Jim Crow.” Mr. Obama there are inequalities in every single race in this country, many of those races have never experienced slavery in their heritage or in America’s history. The most despicable thing you and your minister and your church are doing is re-victimizing black Americans. Further you short change black Americans by saying as a whole black America will not get past the legacy of slavery and Jim Crow and seize the opportunities of today. This is what is pushing black Americans down today this entire defeatist mentality.

You’re a racist Mr. Obama and you subscribe to racism and have for 20+ years and I for one don’t want that in the White House.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Rev. Jeremiah Wright Solves Michigan & Florida Primary

Now that the country has seen the real views of the democratic candidate Barack Obama is there any need to subject the voters or supporters of the Democratic Party to suffer the financial hardship of primary re votes? Is it realistic to expect the vote to be different, aside from possibly being worse for Senator Obama? The Super delegates know there is no way Barack Obama can survive the general election much less prevail in the general election. Just a reminder in the event you think Barack Obama can survive this Jeremiah Wright episode, one word SWIFTBOAT.

Its time for Barack Obama to show he has some integrity. He needs to call for the delegates from Michigan and Florida to be seated as voted and he needs to withdraw, just like he did from the Michigan ballot, and concede the nomination. The super delegates need to stand up and demand that Michigan and Florida and the Party not be subjected to Barack Obama’s political games and call for the delegates to be seated and Barack Obama to withdraw from the campaign.

America does not need division, we do not need separatist, extremist philosophies in the White House and as a whole democratic leaders, like Rep. John Lewis, can not support such divisive views and not be considered hypocrites.

Tomorrow………Rep. John Lewis right or wrong side of Civil Rights?

Friday, March 14, 2008

Barack Obama & Rev. Wright Kill Democrats

Below you will see two videos, not made by us, which is similar to many other videos on you tube right now and it explains why, if Barack Obama is the democratic nominee we, democrats will lose the White House in November and we will suffer another term with a Republican White House.

Barack Obama pontificates unity but practices and teaches in his home separatism the opposite of unity, the opposite of democratic values.
By his own admission the Rev. Wright has been his “mentor” for 20 years. He and Michelle Obama were married in this church by this man, the Rev. Wright. The Rev. Jeremiah Wright is like the man he honored Louis Farrakhan, a bigot ,racist and hate monger and he preaches hate and racism from the pulpit.

It is a sham to ignore truths in order to bow to the god of political correctness, is does not serve the good the ethics or the honesty of anyone, black nor white nor journalist nor viewer rather it serves to pontificate lies, deceit and dishonesty.



Thursday, March 13, 2008

Barack Obama David Axelrod Howard Dean Man up!

Let us make this very clear. Barack Obama signed an affidavit to withdraw his name form the Michigan primary ballot. This was not a requirement this was a choice. He made this choice, in the belief of many, not out of respect of Michigan voters, not out of respect for the state of Michigan, not out of respect for the hard won civil right to vote, but rather as a political ploy.

Jr. Senator Barack Obama was tailing in the polls in Michigan and apparently his campaign felt that by removing his name from the ballot gave him a plausible argument later when voters demanded their voices be heard. The Obama campaign’s first response to the ever growing call to have the votes accepted as cast was a complete refusal and a word dance by the candidate. Barack Obama stated “he would let Michigan delegates join the convention if it was done without affecting the outcome” (Detroit Free Press Feb.16) . The idea to have the votes split between the two front running campaigns was actually suggested by the Obama campaign manager David Plouffe. In the event Mr. Plouffe is democratically challenged that is called negating votes. I assure you that is not what the march from Selma Alabama to Montgomery Alabama was about, I assure you that is not what the Voting Rights Act was about. As a campaign manager I would have thought, Mr. Plouffe would have been aware that voters do not like to be slapped in the face, albeit figuratively, by a presidential candidate, nor do they like being used as pawns in a political power play. So now the campaign screams redo redo, fine but the same punishment stands no campaigning. You stand that Michigan and Florida voters are too ignorant to research a candidate but must come see the Krishna like atmosphere to truly know you as a candidate is a falsehood Mr. Obama and certainly does not do justice to your immense national advertising and Internet campaign.

It is an interesting foot note that the candidate that coined the phrase “beauty contest” in reference to Michigan’s legally held primary, also withdrew his name from the Michigan ballot. That man is possibly also responsible for the blatantly figure head appointment of the second least sonority senator Barack Obama to a highly coveted Foreign Relations sub committee chair. That’s right Joe Biden.

The situation in Florida was different, although Jr. Senator Barack Obama proclaims loudly on every new station that he did not get to campaign in Florida or Michigan these are bald face lies. Look on you tube for example, you will find plenty of rally footage from Florida also his campaign chose to purchase national advertising that covered the state of Florida further Senator Barack Obama had a ground campaign in Michigan, although I am not currently aware of any Michigan rallies.

Per a statement the not so democratic chairman of the DNC, Howard Dean, made to the St Petersburg Times June 13 2007 in reference to Florida, “Their primary essentially wont count,” Democratic National Chairman Howard Dean said of Florida. (But he follows it up with this bit of contradictory information) “Anybody who campaigns in Florida is ineligible for delegates.” The second statement indicates that delegates will be seated should there be no campaigning. The first statement contradicts the second statement; however I have yet to hear of the Clinton campaign demanding that Barack Obama not be awarded the delegates he was voted in Florida or Michigan for that matter, although you hear the Obama campaign doing everything in their power, including lawsuit threats from Al Sharpton, although I must mention Al Sharpton's threats are not from the Obama campaign but are certainly intended to help Senator Obama's cause to stop votes from counting. Everything from suing, negating, nullifying to redoing.

Here is the basics. Mr. Obama MAN UP, you made a choice, live with it, it is called being a grown up. You cant get all the way to the super bowl and not show up to play the game and still expect to win. Mr. Axelrod, stop calling for the negation or nullification of votes, it is shameful, utterly undemocratic and sets a tone of win at all cost, even if the voter is the cost. You screwed up Mr. Axelrod, MAN UP.

Howard Dean, this has been an complete fiasco under your lack of leadership. Your conservator ship of democratic values as been so much less than stellar I would have to rate it somewhere in the vicinity of a single celled amoeba. You either insisted on or pushed rules that negated democracy itself. Single handedly you have brought disdain and mockery upon the DNC and all democrats, you have made us all represent a playpen full of bumbling fools rather than what we truly are, an organization of caring compassionate people that genuinely want to see their fellow man better today than yesterday and better tomorrow than today, an organization that sees all people as fellow human beings not as pawns in a convoluted game where power is the prize. Resign Howard Dean.

Monday, March 10, 2008

DNC Howard Dean Manipulation Scandal?

There are numerous media comments in reference to Michigan and Florida violating DNC agreed upon Primary dates. I will reference you to a letter, a link is provided below, from Senator Carl Levin and DNC Mi. Rep. Debbie Dingell, which clearly states New Hampshire violated the agreement prior to any other state violating the agreement, thus rendering the agreement null, the letter further states, Michigan’s original agreement was subject to the 4 “pre window” states abiding by the DNC set primary dates, which did not happen.

The letter goes on to chide Howard Dean on his obvious state favoritism in blatantly ignoring New Hampshire’s rules violation all the while seeking blood from Michigan and Florida voters, it is important to note that these new rules everyone keeps discussing are rules many say were pushed by Howard Dean. For the chairman of the democratic National Committee to even entertain the idea of quashing votes for any reason other than fraud is utterly unthinkable and should never have been tolerated by anyone at the DNC. Speaking of voter fraud, Mr. Dean, how about those caucuses? One has to ask with all the reports of various types of voter intimidations at caucuses why have you not addressed this issue? Could it be the DNC doesn’t want to have a cloud over the campaign of the caucus conqueror?

Debbie Dingell made a guest appearance March 7th on CNN with Marion Frances Berry in which she states that Howard Dean went to Michigan and promised the Michigan Representatives that the Michigan votes would count. Gee Howard, how come on all those multiple guest appearances on the mainstream media you NEVER mentioned your secret meetings nor your secret promises to Michigan nor New Hampshire‘s rules violation? Did you make similar promises to Florida’s representatives? Did you have more secret meetings in Florida?

Howard Dean has been quite busy, but a man who would rather be president than be right would of course be busy. Of course, if one is attempting to manipulate an election in favor of what maybe a more malleable less experienced candidate I guess one would be busy.

Much more is coming, we have several tips we are still working on obtaining verification of prior to posting.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Oh Howard Dean are you the Master Manipulator?

We have received some very intresting information that we will be posting as soon as we can authenticate it but I must ask Howard Dean a question. If the information we have received is accurate, why? Why would you attempt to manipulate so overtly the democratic nominee for president? Why would you attempt to manipulate the voice of democracy? If this is information is proven to be accurate Howard Dean I suggest you start your resignation letter.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Machiavellian Games at the DNC? Howard Dean Gate?

Could there be some nasty Machiavellian shenanigans going on behind the curtains at the DNC? Could there be a Rovian like game being played by a power hungry failed presidential hopeful? There have been suggestions in the past, through out the Internet blogging community that Howard Dean was playing King Maker with the rapidly risen and brand new Senator Obama, the question does more than bear scrutiny. So I suggest we scrutinize.

The much assisted rocket propelled rise of one Barack Obama.

96 Obama runs for the Illinois State Senate. He goes on to win the election easily considering he had legally challenged all the other candidates and had their names removed for the ballot on mainly minor technicalities so its hard to not win when you’re the only one running.
99 Runs for United States Congress somewhere in this time frame Democratic State Senate Majority Leader Emil Jones and has been reported as saying to then Chicago Alderman Cliff Kelley “I am gonna make me a US Senator” Alderman Kelley asked “Oh you are? Who might that be?” Senator Emil Jones replied “Barack Obama” it is further reported that then Kingmaker Emil Jones took legislation that had previously been introduced and put Barack Obama’s name on it or added Mr. Obama’s name to the legislation, legislation other senators has worked on but Mr. Obama had not and low and behold Mr. Obama got the credit for work he did not do. That may be why he voted “present” on a bill he supposedly cosponsored. So Barack Obama has Kingmaker #1, Ill Senate Majority Leader Emil Jones.
00 Looses bid for Congress
03 Announces bid for US Senate
04 Wins easily as his opponents self destruct when their divorce papers are unsealed and the republican that ran against him was Alan Keys who ran a hate campaign that appeared to have no real intention of winning. Upon winning the election, rumors had already begun circulating about a possible presidential run and he was asked about it on November 8th 2004 his response was “I am a believer in knowing what you are doing when you apply for a job and I think that if I were to seriously consider running on a national ticket I would essentially have to start now before having served a day in the senate, now there are some people who might be comfortable doing that, but I am not one of those people.” ummm guess he changed his mind in a few short months.
05 Sworn into US Senate
07 Announced Presidential Exploratory Committee; although it is widely accepted that the exploration began in much earlier possibly as early as 05
****Now its important to consider when Barack Obama joined the US Senate he had a seniority rating of 99 out of 100 there was only 1 below him, yet with no experience his name is appearing as co sponsor of legislation and he is appointed to or given a place on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. This does not happen with out help of some very powerful people. Barack Obama would have to be something in reference to foreign relations to put on his “resume” in order to run for president. One important point in Senator Obama’s recent political past is his address at the DNC conference in 2004. Howard Dean was the soon to be new chairman of the DNC, although he still appeared bitter over stepping aside in favor of John Kerry.

Now there are a few points to consider about the ever contentious leader of the Democratic Party Howard Dean.

04 In a speech Howard Dean gave in Albany N.Y. he stated “We are not retreating. We are not giving up“ Dean told an audience of nearly 1000. “We‘re not going to stop fighting because we‘re going to stand up for ordinary Americans even though the President doesn‘t“ this from a man who would just a few short years later seek to negate or nullify 2.3 million ordinary American voters

05 Howard Dean is elected Democratic National Committee Chairman, a position not without considerable power..

05 Howard Dean, in a June appearance of Hardball with Chris Matthews, made the following statement “although Barry Goldwater once said “I’d rather be right than president” I can’t tell you how much I disagree with that Barry Goldwater” soooo, Howard Dean would rather be president that be right??? Umm are we power hungry?? Still want to be president??

06 In an interview in November 06 with Chris Wallace the following exchange took place
CW “and finally. Barack Obama’s experience to be presidential candidate?”
Howard Dean “Look, Barack has done an enormous amount for the party. I don’t comment on 2008 because I really do have to be the referee.” Sounds like a very loud comment to me.

08 There are currently reports of Howard Dean attempting to “strong arm” super delegates into voting the way he sees fit, in order to push one candidate out of the race, rumors and a couple of tips, but there is also the Lou Dobbs Tonight comment which aired on March 5th 2008
“Well, Howard Dean, the chairman of the Democratic National Committee, has been screaming like a banshee about his preference that they resolve this in the primaries, suggesting not too artfully or subtly that the super delegates move to Senator Obama and that she retire from the field. He has got to be wondering what in the world is going on on Capitol Hill right now. What do you think?” quote from the Lou Dobbs Tonight.

Now the comments and actions by Howard Dean and the comments and actions by Barack Obama do not constitute much singularly; however taken together and with a couple of additional points of interest a picture might begin to emerge.

Take into account, the new rules the DNC is using to attempt to negate American votes are rules recently instituted, in 2006, and again rumor says the penalties were insisted on by Howard Dean. It is more than a little bit ironic that this committee that purportedly wrote these rules taking away voter rights and stripping voters of their vote was called “The Count Every Vote Committee”. I know either your mouth is hanging open or you are laughing hysterically, which ever I understand.

Have you taken a look at Barack Obama’s campaign; see any similarities to Howard Dean’s failed campaign? You should. Also, you will hear many of the same comments about Barack Obama’s campaign as Howard Dean’s campaign, things like, invigorating new voters, energizing the youthful generation and comments like that. Now take a look at some of Barack Obama’s early supporters, such as previously failed presidential candidate John Kerry and couple that with Howard Deans comments and couple that with the FACT that without assistance from senior political figures Barack Obama would not have the position he has on Joe Bidens Senate Foreign Relations Committee, a highly prized position indeed, even though admittedly he has never held a hearing, and its basically a figurehead title for the purpose of running for president. Now factor in the fact that Howard Dean who once vocally purported to support and stand for the “ordinary Americans” instituted “rules” that would punish voters for voting, then suggested nullifying them by splitting the votes evenly despite how the voters voted and couple all of this with the fact that he has staunchly defended a candidate that has yet to carry a major state and candidate that has won, in party, by creating racial tension, by vocally assuming the African American vote in whole, all the while making it obvious he is not defending the other candidate at all, and factor in Howard Dean’s own comment “although Barry Goldwater once said “I’d rather be right than president” I cant tell you how much I disagree with that Barry Goldwater”

Do all these things coupled together make you wonder? Is Howard Dean still desperately seeking the presidency? Is Howard Dean Barack Obama’s Kingmaker #2? Is Howard Dean trying to take a, fresh from his first successful national election, brand new inexperienced Senator and ‘make him a president’ much the way Emil Jones made himself a US Senator out of Barack Obama?
Emil Jones was handsomely rewarded for his efforts 300 million in pork barrel projects for Illinois and 10s of millions for Jones’s own district, which Emil Jones’s himself has said “ I don’t call that pork. I call that steak.”

Article with emil jones info and more
Below from Lou Dobbs show March 5, 2008
Well, Howard Dean, the chairman of the Democratic National Committee, Miguel, has been screaming like a banshee about his preference that they resolve this in the primaries, suggesting not too artfully or subtly that the super delegates move to Senator Obama and that she retire from the field. He has got to be wondering what in the world is going on Capitol Hill right now. What do you think?
Several episodes of Hardball with Chris Mathews
MSNBC coverage of Albany, NY speech
Several blogs and blog comments and hours of Internet surfing

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Solving the DNC Florida Michigan Fiasco

There are a lot of issues that need to be considered by both campaigns and the DNC in the solution to this utterly asinine situation the Democratic Party finds itself in at this point in our political history. There is not a perfect, every person will be tickled pink, solution there is however a fair and simple solution. Regardless of what the DNC decides to do the solution will have to take into account several issues but party unity and upholding the core principle the party stands for, every vote counts, must be upheld in any solution, but as I have stated the solution must be fair.

From the DNC point of view: The Clinton campaign has proven it can and will take large states. The statistics show that the Clinton campaign’s only issue has been the caucuses, we will not discuss the allegations in reference to the caucusing behavior by one of the campaigns, at this time however it will be a polarizing issue for Clinton supporters which are the DNC base; the DNC can not ignore that in November these states and these supporters are huge issues if they want to get the republicans out. There is the possibility that some of this newly energized electorate will not be so energized in November or after and that is a consideration for the DNC, which is highly reflected in the vast difference between caucus results and ballot results. There is also the polarization of both candidates to consider. One candidate has a very youthful idealistic base and lacks much of a moderate base, the other candidate has a much more moderate base which as proven longevity. One of the biggest considerations for the DNC is November and party strength. The party can ill afford the backlash of their very core base, although it seems they have been aggressively courting that very thing. The suggestions to date in reference to the unwanted unappreciated uncounted states of Michigan and Florida are creating ill will day by day and the longer these voters feel unwanted and un appreciated the worse it will be for the democrats in November in two extremely strategic states. Another major weight on the back of the DNC right now is Puerto Rico’s primary is not until June 6th, and should McCain, the republican nominee, spend months campaigning against two candidates rather than having a focused situation prior to the symbolic naming of the nominee, the nominee will have lost considerable campaign time and given a distinct advantage to McCain. Lastly the DNC and its chairman Howard Dean need to save face and reinstill the concept of the very committee that created the fiasco…everyone counts.

The states were punished and in the case of Michigan it was a severe punishment. Potentially millions of dollars were lost in state and local revenue due to the lack of the candidate’s inability to campaign in Michigan a state that has been devastated by the economy and so desperately needed those funds. Florida is a state which a major source of income is tourism and the campaigning there would of course been a boon to state and local economies as well, which they did not experience due to the non campaign agreement insisted on by the DNC and agreed to by both candidates.

What needs to happen:
Howard Dean needs to come out and apologize to the states of Michigan and Florida and explain that a grievous error occurred one that was never intended to occur. The DNC never intended to attempt to negate or nullify votes; however they have worked feverously to find a fair solution that will count all votes as is one of the DNC’s core principles. It was never the DNC’s intent to punish voters for voting rather to have states follow the DNC calendar. The calendar issue will have to be re-visited in the very near future and corrected to be fair and equitable to all states. The votes cast by the residence of Michigan and Florida will stand as voted, the “uncommitted” portion of the vote in Michigan should be split between the two other viable candidates at the time which was Obama and Edwards. These are not caucusing states and the states have suffered enough economic punishment to impose new elections would be far too severe a punishment.
Allow the remainder of the primary season to go as it will.

I am well aware that the Obama campaign will argue with this vehemently; however their candidate has his own dirty laundry in reference to the states in question and to argue that he did not campaigned in Florida, is a lie and a moot argument, as the candidate did campaign in Florida prior to the ban, his chief complaint seems to be he was not allowed to cover the state with out of state college students the week of the primary, it is volume less complaint, nor is the complaint you hear so very frequently that he wasn’t on the ballot in Michigan, well he should thank himself for that and no one else. He made a choice he will have to live with his choice; I know that isn’t a popular option in politics. I live in Michigan and despite a ban on campaigning here I can assure you Senator Obama had a campaign in Michigan, in particular in the Detroit area. I personally was approached by young people wearing “Barack” t-shirts and with Obama campaign posters, their campaign in Michigan consisted of “vote uncommitted”.

Should Clinton win Pennsylvania Senator Obama will need to be a unifier rather than an attempted destroyer if he wants his career to ever progress and with grace he should step away. I have no doubt that he would be quite capable of making a very stirring speech which will garner him much affection with the next voting generation and the earned goodwill certainly wont hurt him when he actually serves some time in an elected position in Washington.

I must warn the DNC demanding that Obama and Clinton run a joint ticket may possibly bite you in the bum. In the general election regardless of what the polling is saying now republican political action committees will rip him apart and put the brakes on any potential effectiveness he may have as a legislator he will not survive a general election against John McCain. The republican political action committees will in no uncertain terms pull all the moderate and right leaning democrat’s and leave Senator Obama with the far left only, which will only serve to diminish the party as a whole and give the republicans another 4 years.

Super Tuesday II An Exciting Twist

Well, last night, Super Tuesday II was certainly exciting. Hillary Clinton claimed more than minor victories. Though far out spent out advertised and out done in numbers on the ground and the internet, she still emerged the victor.
I realize that Barack Obama’s campaign is doing everything possible to minimize the losses Senator Obama endured tonight; however there can be no denying that the losses were major. Senator Obama has yet to carry a major state. This speaks volumes. Everyone has heard the old adage as Ohio goes so goes the nation well Ohio made a very vocal statement tonight as did Texas.
I do not believe Senator Obama’s backers, the money men making it possible for him to out advertise Senator Clinton in the reported rations of 36:2 on major prime time television shows and out spend her in reported figures from 2:1 with some estimates as high as 4:1, can be very happy with their return on investment.
Senator Obama campaigned vigorously in Texas more than Ohio and while he did get his numbers up with the amount of advertising and the amount of money his campaign spent in Ohio and Texas he should have showed much higher numbers. Apparently the current new movement and his blatant expectation of the black vote will not be enough to hide the real Senator Obama forever from public scrutiny.
I must say Hillary Clinton has suffered media treatment one might equate with a colonoscopy while Barack Obama has been overwhelmingly treated like an arriving prince; the medias own figures support this. Its time for the colonoscopy to be provided to Barack Obama, by that very same media. Here are some minor suggestions…..
Why, in the Ohio debate did everyone else refer to Louis Farrakhan as Louis Farrakhan EXCEPT Barack Obama who constantly referred to him as “Minister Farrakhan”? I believe it was because it was a wink wink node node, very similar to the NAFTA-Gate issue. I believe that it was a way to tell Farrakhan and his followers, I really to support you but have to say I don’t, as I have said before this was used in a manner to convey respect. I don’t think there is anyone that views Louis Farrakhan as a minister other than his followers.
How about, why has he constantly, his entire career, run for the next higher office, even when should he have won he would have to resign from his current elected position? Does he not see the problem voters are going to have with a ladder climbing politician that has sworn to serve the people of his district, but when he swore that he only meant until he could get elected to something better then he would just quit. So much for actually serving the people.
How about his wife’s significant raise from the University of Chicago Hospital System shortly after he was elected to the Senate, it is reported that she received a 195 THOUSAND DOLLAR PER YEAR RAISE AND PROMOTION, now I don’t know many that would turn that down, but was that a price to ignore the flagrant abuses of the Hospital System, abuses that were widely reported in the Chicago Tribune?
What about the board that his wife sat on part time for Bay View Foods; there is much to answer for there as well? Like all the hard working Mexican Americans they put out of work while paying board members and executives, in some cases MORE THAN WALMART EXECUTIVES.
How about Rezko, Senator Obama?
How about why do you and the media automatically assume that if someone is black they will automatically vote for you, without thinking or looking into who you are and what you stand for?
Or how about, in your congratulatory phone call to Senator McCain on his gaining his party’s nomination Tuesday night, why did you feel omnipotent enough to crowned yourself the democratic nominee, just how many votes do you plan on negating Senator Obama?
Senator Obama has a long rough road ahead, and I believe his fund raising will soon slow down considerably. Although the Obama campaign in a calculated move is expected to announce a huge fund raising totals from the month of February and possibly some super delegates that plan on supporting him. The timing of the release of this information is obviously calculated in an attempt to rob the Clinton campaign of momentum, this from the we play so nice Obama campaign. Although I don’t expect anyone in the fawning press to call them on their timing because lets get real people, its March 5th, they have known how much they raised in February they are simply trying to minimize the trouncing Senator Obama received last night.
The hard facts are Senator Clinton has won the big states and she has vigorously campaigned in all states and had very good numbers across the board, while Barack Obama cant deliver any big states now you know he cant in November.

Coming soon…….The DNC a simple Count Every Vote SOLUTION
Why the Republicans actually WHAT Barack Obama running

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Election Fraud HAPPENING Please READ!

Rep. John Lewis How Far Have We Come...SHAME ON YOU!!!

A recent poster to my blog made some statements that stopped me cold. Not only is this American Voter considering leaving the United States due to this persons disillusionment with what has happened to all we had worked to achieve, but also with the apathy of the American public and its ability to be sold on sound bites rather than substance. This blog poster stated "Empty words false hope and dreams that evaporate in the harsh light of day" is that what all the sacrifice has come down to John Lewis?

John Lewis, I always felt was a man among men. There was a time in the history of this country I knew he stood for what was right what was equal what was for everyone. In the 1960's he worked tirelessly for equality and civil rights. He was considered on of the 6 most powerful civil rights leaders; however I guess times have changed.

The following is an short exert from John Lewis's posted biography:
Often called "one of the most courageous persons the Civil Rights Movement ever produced," John Lewis has dedicated his life to protecting human rights, securing civil liberties, and building what he calls "The Beloved Community" in America. His dedication to the highest ethical standards and moral principles has won him the admiration of many of his colleagues on both sides of the aisle in the United States Congress.

While still a young man, John Lewis became a nationally recognized leader. By 1963, he was dubbed one of the Big Six leaders of the Civil Rights Movement. (The others were Whitney Young, A. Phillip Randolph, Martin Luther King Jr., James Farmer and Roy Wilkins). At the age of 23, he was an architect of and a keynote speaker at the historic March on Washington in August 1963.

The above statements are absolutely true, in my humble opinion he was a hero. Sadly, it appears things change. John Lewis is a Super Delegate his vote was pledged to Senator Hillary Clinton until recently when he changed his vote to Barack Obama. I have no problem with who he votes for. That is his choice. The problem and utter and complete disillusionment comes when he did not stand up for silenced voting Americans and demand that ALL VOTES BE COUNTED AS IS A CORE DEMOCRATIC VALUE BEFORE RECASTING HIS VOTE, he had the power and chose not to exercise it. It is a core value of all that I thought equality and civil rights and civil liberties stood for, but I must apologize I guess I have just been a dreamer all this time.

Apparently, he chooses now to stand for the ability of private organizations to quash individual rights. Would that right extend to such private organizations as Blackwater? Were would that limit be?

This private organization is the Democratic National Committee that believes it has the right to pick and choose which legally cast votes they will count. We will not touch on the absolute absurdity of this thought right now, well try anyway, but instead focus on what this says about where we have been as a country and where we are going.

To allow a company/private organization/corporation/non judicial entity to have ANY inkling, particularly one which purports to stand for DEMOCRACY, that they have the power to negate cast American votes after all the struggles and all the sacra fices of our not so distant past far surpasses the vilest propaganda I can conceive of.

John Lewis should have seen past the surface of this issue. The issue John Lewis should ask, but maybe he has which would be ever so sad, is why does a corporation/company/private organization/non judicial entity which purports to stand for the most Democratic of values and which holds a monopoly on the candidates available in the next election seek to silence or "punish" American voters for voting, in order to provide certain states with preferential treatment? The "punishment" of the ENTIRE voting population of Michigan and Florida over the date they voted is an affront to democracy itself, everything this party is supposed to stand for,states rights,voter rights,civil rights,civil liberties and firm equality and/or pluralist beliefs.

The fight, and I do mean fight, people DIED people were MURDERED, people were BEATEN AND GASSED, both black and white. I thought the fight was for everyone. For EVERYONE to walk through the same door, for EVERYONE to drink from the same fountain, for EVERYONE TO VOTE AND FOR EVERYONE TO COUNT, for EVERYONE to be treated the same as EVERYONE.

Shame on you John Lewis, remember those words you were so privileged to hear, spoken by a TRULY GREAT orator Martin Luther King
"And if America is to be a great nation, this must become true. So let freedom ring from the prodigious hilltops of New Hampshire. Let freedom ring from the mighty mountains of New York.
Let freedom ring from the heightening Alleghenies of Pennsylvania.
Let freedom ring from the snow-capped Rockies of Colorado.
Let freedom ring from the curvaceous slopes of California.
But not only that, let freedom, ring from Stone Mountain of Georgia.
Let freedom ring from Lookout Mountain of Tennessee.
Let freedom ring from every hill and molehill of Mississippi, from every mountainside.
Let freedom ring,
And when this happens,and when we allow freedom ring, when we let it ring from every village and every hamlet, from every state and every city, we will be able to speed up that day when all of God's children, black men and white men, Jews and Gentiles, Protestants and Catholics, will be able to join hands and sing in the words of the old negro spiritual, "Free at last, free at last. Thank God Almighty, we are free at last."
John Lewis did Martin Luther King forget to add "Except Michigan and Florida"? I think you have become a hypocrite John Lewis and as the kids say these days BITE ME! (It means I am REALLY not happy with you)

What a REAL college student says about Obama

*This is a guest post by one of the Pajama Action Coalition college students. Please do not be offended by any comments in this post, these comments reflect the writers opinions.

I cant believe what is going on in this country. A lot of people my age are giving up a semester at college to campaign all over the country, and vote all over the county, and racially intimidate voters in caucuses all over the country all for Barack Obama, students from schools like Stanford. Well as one of them, a REAL COLLEGE STUDENT GOING TO SCHOOL, I am here to tell you ITS NOT IMPRESSIVE.

Barack Obama has made promises that all these students wont have to pay back their college loans if he becomes president. I for one think that is horrible. I incurred my debt and I am not looking for an easy way out at the expense of my country. The basic thinking is they will get involved now and then get THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS written off and TRUST ME, that ends their sudden motivated involvement.

If for one moment you think these NOT WORKING NOT GOING TO SCHOOL campaign WHORES are going to be around after this election YOU ARE WRONG! Heck I will be shocked if half of them are around at the general election. I have always voted, but the majority of them have NEVER VOTED and they are only voting now because they want something all this enthusiasm will disappear when they go back to classes.

My mother and father taught me you dont get something for nothing. Yes I do believe in national service, I think that would be great, but using the potential of national service to reduce student debt as a GET OUT OF DEBT FREE CARD is not right for our country right now. These students just think the TAXPAYERS OF THIS COUNTRY owe them something. Well, I am also a taxpayer and I dont owe them anything and neither does anyone else! This country can not afford that right now, maybe they need some math classes. Do the Obama campaign WHORES know what our deficit is? Can you say TRILLIONS, can you even write TRILLION? Geez I honestly cant believe this is happening.

I remember my parents had money when Bill Clinton was president, my parents felt financially secure, the dollar was not equivalent to the peso and gold was not sitting around 1000.00, we DID NOT GO TO WAR when the USS Coal was bombed, but we got the people that did it and I know what my country is and has experienced under the umbrella leadership of Bush's lack of experience. Screw that! I dont want a teacher that is nothing more than another student I want a PROFESSOR this time.

Promise me blue skies all you want to I am going to check the weather, and Obama is a BAD FORECAST.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Barack Obama, Muslim, Black Muslim, Psedo Muslim or Not?

Barack Hussein Obama was born to a Muslim father and an non Muslim mother. Ok, he did not have any say who his birth parents were, so you have to start with some measure of scepticism, but we shall continue. To effectively answer the question of Mr. Obama's beliefs you have to ask yourself if you are seeking the public persona or the private Mr. Obama and does one influence the other?
Mr. Obama portrays himself as middle of the road non secular Christian. Your basic average Sunday morning church kinda guy, pretty much Mr. Wholesome. I will add its an image he fits to a tee and the media and the public has quite obviously become spellbound by this carefully structured Kennedyesk charm and spent no time looking past the public persona. This seems to be due, at least in part, to the fact that he is one half black, almost as if everyone as gone overboard to prove they are not bigots. Personally I was thrilled at the possibility of a non divisive black person running for president, in the past our choices have been more than alittle polarizing. I think as a nation we WANT a viable non polarizing black candidate, I know I do but have we found one or have we found a carefully contrived public persona, designed possibly by failed presidential candidates, and sold to us en mass?


There are two literal definitions for Muslim
1. Islamic Muslim- this definition is very important because it includes both a literal and cultural definition of Muslim.
a. Literal- An adherent to Islam
b. Cultural- One who is born to a Muslim man (the Jewish faith has a similar cultural practice) or someone who identifies with the Muslim culture but is nonpracticing or unobservant.

2. Black Muslim- This is a form of Cultural Muslim beliefs in some arenas; however I believe that since it too as its own literal and cultural definitions and is in and of itself its own belief system to lump Black Muslim in with Islamic Muslim does not do the belief system justice, nor the reader, nor the believers of said system.
a.Literal- A adherent to the tenet's of the Nation of Islam once headed by "the prophet Elijah Mohammad" and currently headed by Louis Farrakhan.
b. Cultural-Someone who identifies with the teachings of the Nation of Islam but is not a practitioner of the tenants of the Nation of Islam.

The above definitions are rather easy to sort through with reference to Mr. Obama. I think it is more than relatively safe to say Mr. Obama is not a practicing Islamic Muslim as Islamic Muslims would define. Yes he was born to a Muslim man; however I must state I do not think it is correct to hold someone to an accident of birth of which he had no control, although one must consider how this would reflect on him and our country considering the possibility of future Middle East visits and negotiations, they can be very strict in the adherence to Islam and may not view a born Muslim who turned his back on the Muslim faith in very high regard. It is a situation that will, in the future, possibly need to be explored.

Then there is the Black Muslim definition which is rather a bit more sticky when it comes to Mr. Obama. There are things to take into consideration. The church Mr. & Mrs. Obama attend is secular black, it appears to be so by choice. Some refer to the church as militant black; however I believe they would choose something more along the lines of a strong black christian church. The churches exclusionistic black direction is not terribly bothersome in and of itself, but when you couple that with the activities and teachings and associates of Mr. Obama's minister and, by Mr. Obama's own admission, his mentor the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, you start to run into a bit of a thicket.
The Rev. Jeremiah Wright has not only taken a trip to Lybia with Louis Farrakhan to visit with Muammar Qaddafi but the churches magazine, the Trumpet, which is run by the Reverend Wright's daughter, gave a LIFE TIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD to LOUIS FARRAKHAN Leader of the Nation of Islam. Stating Louis Farrakhan "truly epitomized greatness", to honor, in such a way, this kind of man that preaches separatism and expounds on hate from his pulpit and by his own addmission may have had a hand in the MURDER of Malcolm X because of his hate speech from the pulpit. Apparently, for those who are not aware some say, Louis Farrakhan had "called for", the death of Malcolm X as per their church beliefs had committed the sin of adultery and the punishment their faith subscribes to or did was death, hence he was very soon there after murdered in front of his 6 year old daughter. Such associations are in no way tolerable for any presidential candidate.
Further in the 2008 Ohio Debate, when questioned Mr. Obama continually referred to Louis Farrakhan as "Minister Farrakhan" rather than Mr. or Louis. Minister, in this situation is most definitely being used as a title of respect. This was MUCH MUCH MORE THAN TROUBLING. When you couple the birth with the chosen church and its teachings with Mr. Obamas mentor and minister with Mr. Obamas mentor and ministers associates and activities, you have an enormous problem. What you have is someone who privately holds to the beliefs of separatism rather than pluralism and such a thing at a time when we need Civil Rights advances for EVERYONE not division and retardation in the rights that have been won and the hard fought gains in equality.

After reviewing several things such as the table below, which I have labeled Comparison Table 1 on the left side you see some of the statements the church, up until recently, listed on their website as their tenet's or things they stand for. The comparison on the right is mearly switching the color and I am sure anyone will see how offensive both sides become. Let me make abundantly clear, there is nothing wrong or incorrect about having pride in you history or passing you culture on your the next generation, or choosing to live by your cultural heritage. These are things EVERY culture desperately needs to keep it alive, however it can not be part of an separatist or personally exclusionalist pattern of behavior, particularly in the case of a presidential candidate. Just as an example, Jerry Falwell lives a separatist lifestyle but professes a pluralist belief. Something like, I believe in Civil Rights for all, but my church and my teaching are very exclusionary particularly in reference to gays and lesbians and people who do not believe in his faith.

Comparison Table One

Trinity Unity Christian Church_____________Offensive Color Reversal

Commitment to the Black family_____________Commitment to the White family
Commitment to the Black Community__________Commitment to the White Community
Embrace the Black Value System_____________Embrace the White Value System
Pledge Allegiance to Black Leadership______Pledge Allegiance to White Leadership

I personally, find these list to both be EXTREMLEY offensive. If we as human beings continue to see the world in color we will never get past black and white and yellow and green, we as a people, human beings, are not a box a crayons.
I know, we have alot to be proud of, I also know we have along way to go. The awareness that a vast majority of the next generation is color blind and as a mother I am personally very proud of that, but there is still far to go. Pride in any culture is not and should not be exclusionary or teach separatist ideals, because we will never come together if we are teaching separatism.
I find it quite interesting that Mrs. Obama's Princeton Thesis was on a very similar set of parameters and upon review of this study she leads you to believe she may have found the personal answer she was looking for in a separatist personal life and a pluralist public life. Shame on you,to publicly profess pluralism and privatly live and teach your children sepratism, which appears to be the case.

There are two Mr. Obama's, there is the Mr. Obama public persona and the private Mr. Obama. Unfortunately the private Mr. Obama is too close to zealot like hate and separatist ideals for my taste. I would never vote for Jerry Falwell or one of his followers for the exact same reason I will not vote for any zealot and I can not tolerate hate or its associates.
In conclusion Mr. Obama is NOT an Islamic Muslim nor is he really a Black Muslim; however his church and its beliefs and his personal lifestyle leads me to feel his church has carved our a psedo Black Muslim Chirstian belief system.
After so much research into Mr. Obama's beliefs and religion I have been forced to continue on so further updates will be his views on health care, the truth is more than a bit disillusioning, which will include how he has actually handled health care in his Illinois district and Mrs. Obamas surprise promotion and HUGE raise upon his being elected, also there appears to be some intrigue building as to his sudden rise to run, with sooo much money, for president. Who is behind this, you may be surprised and unfortunately saddened.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

2008 Ohio Democratic Debate Barack Obama Hillary Clinton

I was NOT disappointed tonight! In my humble opinion, Hillary Clinton blew Barack Obama out of the water tonight. Heathcare was one of the major issues of the debate tonight and I am very distressed by some of the references I keep hearing from Mr. Obama. He keeps referencing Maryland and its unsuccessful attempt to insure all its citizens, he keeps stating 20% are exempted because they can not afford it, this comparison is inadequate to say the least and currently I believe we have a much much higher precentage of unisured. Further he repeatedly lauds the fact that Hillary Clinton's healthcare plan has mandates. Mr. Obama Your plan has MANDATES as well further it is NOT UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE and MR. Obama's plan has NO WAY TO GET TO UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE.
I would love to see healthcare available in this country for EVERYONE, it is blatently inhumane for our fellow human beings to be unable to obtain the healthcare they require, to live with the worry of chest pains that you cant afford to see the doctor about, to skip the physical that may have found something early enough because you cant afford to go to the doctor all because of Money and Insurance no I am afraid on this subject half way is just not going to be good enough.
Then the subject of NAFTA came up. Hillary answered the questions honestly I felt. She acknowledged that NAFTA had benefitted some parts of the country and devistated others and she offered a way to bring DIGNITY back to the middle class. Mr. Obama basically mimiced everything she said and listed a long list of wonderful things that would be great to work towards but those things wont bring the work back where as Hillary offered a way to bring new longterm sustainable industry into areas were NAFTA has not been a benefit. She did not try to hide that NAFTA has not worked everywhere as Mr. Obama seemed to think she would or has, he completely negated her record of trying to toughen trade relations and her critical statements about NAFTA.
Then the subject of Forgien Policy and Iraq reared its ugly head, as we all knew it would. Mr. Obama keeps going back to Hillary Clintons vote, which was not hers alone, granting the president of the United States authority to use force. Ok, he is right she did vote yes; however not only is hindsight 20/20 but there are acouple of points to make here. Hillary was and is a United States Senator, she actually had to vote on this at one of the worst times in recent history and she voted yes along with the majority of the Senate for many reasons but lets take into account that Mr. Obama was a STATE Senator and he did not have to actually cast that very burdensom vote. One more point on the whole Iraq issue, Hillary was privy to briefings, that Mr. Obama was not, these briefings were designed to falsify information to our elected officials with the direct intention of getting this authorization passed. Do not fault her for what the majority of this country wanted at the time and do not fault her for our current adminstration lying to our elected officials and to the entire American public. Last point on this, Mr. Obama has a figure head title on a dummy subcommitte which appears to be designed with the intention of making it appear he has some foriegn policy experience. Hollow very hollow. That of course would be a worst case; however it could simply be he has yet to exactly do anything there, Washington that is, as soon as he got there the rush for the White House began.
Ummmmmm, could it be Mr. Obama has been set up to run and enough money to win so that we have a puppet president with someone else pulling the strings, wonder who that could be?
But I must say the BOMB of the evening was that it seemed to take pressure from Hillary Clinton to actually get Barack Obama to denounce the endorsment of Lewis Farrakhan, and Mr. Obama repeatedly called him "Minister Farrakhan" which is a title of respect, personally I found that offensive, but the hemming and hawing about actually coming out and saying I reject the endorsment he spewed hot air until he got cornered and had no choice, nor to my satisfaction did he address the trip his minister took, with "Minister Farrakhan". I find some of the company he keeps and their views quite questionable, and no I do not mean his supporters, I am referencing his minister as well as his own comfort level with "Minster Farrakhan".
I find no appreciation for hate or its associates.
My message to both candidates is......

Ohio 2008 Hillary Clinton Barack Obama Debate

Well folks, the debate starts in approx 30 minutes. I know everyone was saying that Obama appeared so presidential in the last debate, but that is not what I saw. The debate I say he was stumbling over his words and in some cases making errors and to me Hillary appeared much more composed and able to stand up for things that need to be stood up for.
Before or after the debate you may want to check out a website I found most intresting, its quite factual with all the backup sources for the information, go to

I have a question for Mr.B.Obama, actually I have several but this one is a biggie,
My question for Mr. Obama, since the Muslim religion is very similar to the Jewish religion it is my understanding that if you are born to a Jewish mother you are considered born Jewish but that is not true if you are born to a non Jewish mother and a Jewish father you are not considered automatically Jewish. In the Muslim religion if you are born to a Muslim mother you are not considered automatically Muslim; however if you are born to a Muslim father you are automatically considered Muslim. (I AM NOT SAYING BARACK OBAMA IS A MUSLIM!)Considering this, in the Middle East someone who is born a Muslim and converts to Christianity has committed a sin which in their religion is punishable by death. How do you presume to gain any amount of respect in the Middle East when you will be viewed as less than a dog (their words not mine)? Because at this time in our history, the way the Middle East is handled is crucial for our security.
Well, I know that is one question that will not get asked.

My question to Hillary Clinton would be... What would you do to restore the rights that have been stripped form Americans durning this totalitarian rule we have endured for the last 8 years and restore our international respect so we do not have to pretend to be Canadian, for our own safety, when traveling abroad? EXACTLY how are you going to restore economic dignity to the middle class American?


I hope its a wonderful debate one full of INFORMATION to help us know both candidates better, see you after the debate!

Howard Dean,The DNC & B. Obama Turn their backs on Civil Rights! WHY??

Approx 2.5 MILLION voters, that took their time and did their civic duty and VOTED, are being "punished" by Howard Dean, The DNC and B. Obama. These voters are being silenced, their voice is more than being ignored their only voice in government is being quashed by the very people which are supposed to seek to protect it, HOWARD DEAN CHAIRMAN OF THE DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL COMM.
Michigan's horrible offense was scheduling their primary 21 days sooner than HOWARD DEAN AND THE DNC wanted it scheduled, the problem is the Michigan primary was scheduled PER MICHIGAN STATE LAW, 21 days and 600,000 THOUSAND VOTERS a record turnout. There were 4 names on our ballot and 1 undecided. Barack Obama was supposed to be on the Michigan ballot; however HE WITHDREW HIS NAME FROM THE BALLOT, because he seems to see no problem with punishing voters, by negating their votes. Does he know what CIVIL RIGHTS MEANS??
It is coincidental that he was trailing in the polls here when he withdrew his name from the ballot. The Detroit Free Press reported on Feb. 16th on the front page "On Friday Obama said that he would let Michigan delegates join the convention if it is done without affecting the outcome", that means silence the voters. HOW DARE HE! This man is running for president of the United States, in case anyone has forgotten the United States of America is a Democracy which means we vote and we count every votes, black or white, rich or poor, dem or rep, every vote is supposed to count.
That is virtually the only voice we have our in our government, AND ITS BEING STOLEN.