Tuesday, February 26, 2008

2008 Ohio Democratic Debate Barack Obama Hillary Clinton

I was NOT disappointed tonight! In my humble opinion, Hillary Clinton blew Barack Obama out of the water tonight. Heathcare was one of the major issues of the debate tonight and I am very distressed by some of the references I keep hearing from Mr. Obama. He keeps referencing Maryland and its unsuccessful attempt to insure all its citizens, he keeps stating 20% are exempted because they can not afford it, this comparison is inadequate to say the least and currently I believe we have a much much higher precentage of unisured. Further he repeatedly lauds the fact that Hillary Clinton's healthcare plan has mandates. Mr. Obama Your plan has MANDATES as well further it is NOT UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE and MR. Obama's plan has NO WAY TO GET TO UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE.
I would love to see healthcare available in this country for EVERYONE, it is blatently inhumane for our fellow human beings to be unable to obtain the healthcare they require, to live with the worry of chest pains that you cant afford to see the doctor about, to skip the physical that may have found something early enough because you cant afford to go to the doctor all because of Money and Insurance no I am afraid on this subject half way is just not going to be good enough.
Then the subject of NAFTA came up. Hillary answered the questions honestly I felt. She acknowledged that NAFTA had benefitted some parts of the country and devistated others and she offered a way to bring DIGNITY back to the middle class. Mr. Obama basically mimiced everything she said and listed a long list of wonderful things that would be great to work towards but those things wont bring the work back where as Hillary offered a way to bring new longterm sustainable industry into areas were NAFTA has not been a benefit. She did not try to hide that NAFTA has not worked everywhere as Mr. Obama seemed to think she would or has, he completely negated her record of trying to toughen trade relations and her critical statements about NAFTA.
Then the subject of Forgien Policy and Iraq reared its ugly head, as we all knew it would. Mr. Obama keeps going back to Hillary Clintons vote, which was not hers alone, granting the president of the United States authority to use force. Ok, he is right she did vote yes; however not only is hindsight 20/20 but there are acouple of points to make here. Hillary was and is a United States Senator, she actually had to vote on this at one of the worst times in recent history and she voted yes along with the majority of the Senate for many reasons but lets take into account that Mr. Obama was a STATE Senator and he did not have to actually cast that very burdensom vote. One more point on the whole Iraq issue, Hillary was privy to briefings, that Mr. Obama was not, these briefings were designed to falsify information to our elected officials with the direct intention of getting this authorization passed. Do not fault her for what the majority of this country wanted at the time and do not fault her for our current adminstration lying to our elected officials and to the entire American public. Last point on this, Mr. Obama has a figure head title on a dummy subcommitte which appears to be designed with the intention of making it appear he has some foriegn policy experience. Hollow very hollow. That of course would be a worst case; however it could simply be he has yet to exactly do anything there, Washington that is, as soon as he got there the rush for the White House began.
Ummmmmm, could it be Mr. Obama has been set up to run and enough money to win so that we have a puppet president with someone else pulling the strings, wonder who that could be?
But I must say the BOMB of the evening was that it seemed to take pressure from Hillary Clinton to actually get Barack Obama to denounce the endorsment of Lewis Farrakhan, and Mr. Obama repeatedly called him "Minister Farrakhan" which is a title of respect, personally I found that offensive, but the hemming and hawing about actually coming out and saying I reject the endorsment he spewed hot air until he got cornered and had no choice, nor to my satisfaction did he address the trip his minister took, with "Minister Farrakhan". I find some of the company he keeps and their views quite questionable, and no I do not mean his supporters, I am referencing his minister as well as his own comfort level with "Minster Farrakhan".
I find no appreciation for hate or its associates.
My message to both candidates is......

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