Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Howard Dean,The DNC & B. Obama Turn their backs on Civil Rights! WHY??

Approx 2.5 MILLION voters, that took their time and did their civic duty and VOTED, are being "punished" by Howard Dean, The DNC and B. Obama. These voters are being silenced, their voice is more than being ignored their only voice in government is being quashed by the very people which are supposed to seek to protect it, HOWARD DEAN CHAIRMAN OF THE DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL COMM.
Michigan's horrible offense was scheduling their primary 21 days sooner than HOWARD DEAN AND THE DNC wanted it scheduled, the problem is the Michigan primary was scheduled PER MICHIGAN STATE LAW, 21 days and 600,000 THOUSAND VOTERS a record turnout. There were 4 names on our ballot and 1 undecided. Barack Obama was supposed to be on the Michigan ballot; however HE WITHDREW HIS NAME FROM THE BALLOT, because he seems to see no problem with punishing voters, by negating their votes. Does he know what CIVIL RIGHTS MEANS??
It is coincidental that he was trailing in the polls here when he withdrew his name from the ballot. The Detroit Free Press reported on Feb. 16th on the front page "On Friday Obama said that he would let Michigan delegates join the convention if it is done without affecting the outcome", that means silence the voters. HOW DARE HE! This man is running for president of the United States, in case anyone has forgotten the United States of America is a Democracy which means we vote and we count every votes, black or white, rich or poor, dem or rep, every vote is supposed to count.
That is virtually the only voice we have our in our government, AND ITS BEING STOLEN.

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steven said...

I am much saddened and dismayed at the complete disregard for civil rights. The DNC has its rules but Myself and ALL amaricans have the right to be count but no one seems to care. Now to add insult to injury Congresman John Lewis, a man I once respected and admired, has failed the American people and joined the ranks of the state troopers he faced so long ago when he actually stood up for the right to be counted. For the first time in my entire life I am truely ashamed of my country, my political party and my people. For their beliefs and lack of ideals have become so different than what I held so dear my entire life that I feel I am one lone voice in a sound proof room screaming truthes that people will never hear because to hear the truth you must listen and want to hear. I recentlly read in a terry pratchett book that "gods want belief, not rational thinking". So it would seem with the Obamites' [thank you for that name by the way] they seem to follow him as a god and never question or stop to think. In the texas debate Obama dismissed the plagiarism as just a couple of lines used by permission of a freind but since then I have seen DOZENS of clips showing him plagiarising John Edwards,Dennis Kucinich, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Cesar Chaves and even Maria Shriver. the Obamites defend him but never even looked. When it comes to obama I feel that Im in an epasode of futurama. He's like the hipnotoad and I am the only one not affected. Its nice to know I am not the only person in this sound proof room but I fear my kindred spirits and I will never be heard. Now that I know that civil rights mean absolutely nothing any more I am going to look into leaving America. As the saying goes america love it or leave it, well I dont love it anymore. I have NEVER voted republican in my entire life but I will never vote for HIPNOBAMA [even if it means McCain] my vote didn't count to him enough to even stay in the race now he wants half the delagates thats like Kucinich demanding half of texas votes.If you choose not to run in a state you dont deseve ANY votes. I THOUGHT I had rights I thought this was AMERICA where EVERY VOTE COUNTS[isn't that what we teach our kids?] where people DIED for the right to be counted where DEMOCRACY MEANT SOMETHING. well now I've awoke and it seems thanks to the DNC,Barack Obama, all the obamites and especially CONGRESSMAN LEWIS I have come to realise that my America was ONLY a dream that has now dissapeared in the harsh light of day. Win at all cost Sen Obama but you sacrifice every principal you claim to stand on and hot air has a way of disipating even in the calmest breeze.