Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Ohio 2008 Hillary Clinton Barack Obama Debate

Well folks, the debate starts in approx 30 minutes. I know everyone was saying that Obama appeared so presidential in the last debate, but that is not what I saw. The debate I say he was stumbling over his words and in some cases making errors and to me Hillary appeared much more composed and able to stand up for things that need to be stood up for.
Before or after the debate you may want to check out a website I found most intresting, its quite factual with all the backup sources for the information, go to www.obamatruth.org.

I have a question for Mr.B.Obama, actually I have several but this one is a biggie,
My question for Mr. Obama, since the Muslim religion is very similar to the Jewish religion it is my understanding that if you are born to a Jewish mother you are considered born Jewish but that is not true if you are born to a non Jewish mother and a Jewish father you are not considered automatically Jewish. In the Muslim religion if you are born to a Muslim mother you are not considered automatically Muslim; however if you are born to a Muslim father you are automatically considered Muslim. (I AM NOT SAYING BARACK OBAMA IS A MUSLIM!)Considering this, in the Middle East someone who is born a Muslim and converts to Christianity has committed a sin which in their religion is punishable by death. How do you presume to gain any amount of respect in the Middle East when you will be viewed as less than a dog (their words not mine)? Because at this time in our history, the way the Middle East is handled is crucial for our security.
Well, I know that is one question that will not get asked.

My question to Hillary Clinton would be... What would you do to restore the rights that have been stripped form Americans durning this totalitarian rule we have endured for the last 8 years and restore our international respect so we do not have to pretend to be Canadian, for our own safety, when traveling abroad? EXACTLY how are you going to restore economic dignity to the middle class American?


I hope its a wonderful debate one full of INFORMATION to help us know both candidates better, see you after the debate!

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