Thursday, March 13, 2008

Barack Obama David Axelrod Howard Dean Man up!

Let us make this very clear. Barack Obama signed an affidavit to withdraw his name form the Michigan primary ballot. This was not a requirement this was a choice. He made this choice, in the belief of many, not out of respect of Michigan voters, not out of respect for the state of Michigan, not out of respect for the hard won civil right to vote, but rather as a political ploy.

Jr. Senator Barack Obama was tailing in the polls in Michigan and apparently his campaign felt that by removing his name from the ballot gave him a plausible argument later when voters demanded their voices be heard. The Obama campaign’s first response to the ever growing call to have the votes accepted as cast was a complete refusal and a word dance by the candidate. Barack Obama stated “he would let Michigan delegates join the convention if it was done without affecting the outcome” (Detroit Free Press Feb.16) . The idea to have the votes split between the two front running campaigns was actually suggested by the Obama campaign manager David Plouffe. In the event Mr. Plouffe is democratically challenged that is called negating votes. I assure you that is not what the march from Selma Alabama to Montgomery Alabama was about, I assure you that is not what the Voting Rights Act was about. As a campaign manager I would have thought, Mr. Plouffe would have been aware that voters do not like to be slapped in the face, albeit figuratively, by a presidential candidate, nor do they like being used as pawns in a political power play. So now the campaign screams redo redo, fine but the same punishment stands no campaigning. You stand that Michigan and Florida voters are too ignorant to research a candidate but must come see the Krishna like atmosphere to truly know you as a candidate is a falsehood Mr. Obama and certainly does not do justice to your immense national advertising and Internet campaign.

It is an interesting foot note that the candidate that coined the phrase “beauty contest” in reference to Michigan’s legally held primary, also withdrew his name from the Michigan ballot. That man is possibly also responsible for the blatantly figure head appointment of the second least sonority senator Barack Obama to a highly coveted Foreign Relations sub committee chair. That’s right Joe Biden.

The situation in Florida was different, although Jr. Senator Barack Obama proclaims loudly on every new station that he did not get to campaign in Florida or Michigan these are bald face lies. Look on you tube for example, you will find plenty of rally footage from Florida also his campaign chose to purchase national advertising that covered the state of Florida further Senator Barack Obama had a ground campaign in Michigan, although I am not currently aware of any Michigan rallies.

Per a statement the not so democratic chairman of the DNC, Howard Dean, made to the St Petersburg Times June 13 2007 in reference to Florida, “Their primary essentially wont count,” Democratic National Chairman Howard Dean said of Florida. (But he follows it up with this bit of contradictory information) “Anybody who campaigns in Florida is ineligible for delegates.” The second statement indicates that delegates will be seated should there be no campaigning. The first statement contradicts the second statement; however I have yet to hear of the Clinton campaign demanding that Barack Obama not be awarded the delegates he was voted in Florida or Michigan for that matter, although you hear the Obama campaign doing everything in their power, including lawsuit threats from Al Sharpton, although I must mention Al Sharpton's threats are not from the Obama campaign but are certainly intended to help Senator Obama's cause to stop votes from counting. Everything from suing, negating, nullifying to redoing.

Here is the basics. Mr. Obama MAN UP, you made a choice, live with it, it is called being a grown up. You cant get all the way to the super bowl and not show up to play the game and still expect to win. Mr. Axelrod, stop calling for the negation or nullification of votes, it is shameful, utterly undemocratic and sets a tone of win at all cost, even if the voter is the cost. You screwed up Mr. Axelrod, MAN UP.

Howard Dean, this has been an complete fiasco under your lack of leadership. Your conservator ship of democratic values as been so much less than stellar I would have to rate it somewhere in the vicinity of a single celled amoeba. You either insisted on or pushed rules that negated democracy itself. Single handedly you have brought disdain and mockery upon the DNC and all democrats, you have made us all represent a playpen full of bumbling fools rather than what we truly are, an organization of caring compassionate people that genuinely want to see their fellow man better today than yesterday and better tomorrow than today, an organization that sees all people as fellow human beings not as pawns in a convoluted game where power is the prize. Resign Howard Dean.

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Alessandro Machi said...

You were too kind in your article. Not only did Barack Obama game the system, but it was he, Edwards and Richardson that took their names off the ballot very near the deadline.

Then they coddled the voters of Iowa and New Hampshire by criticizing Hillary Clinton for staying on the ballot in Michigan which was now competing for attention with Iowa and New Hampshire.

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