Friday, March 14, 2008

Barack Obama & Rev. Wright Kill Democrats

Below you will see two videos, not made by us, which is similar to many other videos on you tube right now and it explains why, if Barack Obama is the democratic nominee we, democrats will lose the White House in November and we will suffer another term with a Republican White House.

Barack Obama pontificates unity but practices and teaches in his home separatism the opposite of unity, the opposite of democratic values.
By his own admission the Rev. Wright has been his “mentor” for 20 years. He and Michelle Obama were married in this church by this man, the Rev. Wright. The Rev. Jeremiah Wright is like the man he honored Louis Farrakhan, a bigot ,racist and hate monger and he preaches hate and racism from the pulpit.

It is a sham to ignore truths in order to bow to the god of political correctness, is does not serve the good the ethics or the honesty of anyone, black nor white nor journalist nor viewer rather it serves to pontificate lies, deceit and dishonesty.




steven said...

Facts are facts and truth is truth even if you dont want to believe it. On you tube I have been banned from posting on no less than 8 pro Obama sites. I dont say anything obscene I just speak the truth, some people cant handle the truth. Others dont want it to be known. The truth of this matter is you do NOT go to the same church for 20 years and not know what your pastor is saying. You do not proclaim this man your mentor and not agree with at least some of his beliefs.You do NOT proclaim a man your insperation for your book if you think he is just that kookie uncle you dont agree with.You do NOT proclaim a man your "spiritual advisor" and not listen to his advice.You do NOT allow this man to teach your children if you dont believe what he says.You do NOT allow this man to preside over your wedding if he doesnt represent you. You do NOT claim to have tranparency yet have this hidden in your private life unless you are lying. Lying and hiding things, Throwing people under the bus to get ahead with a wink and a back door promise that the outcome will make it all O.K. Think about your mentor mine was a tremendouse influance on everything I am, Everything I do And everything I stand for today. Now think about Rev. Wright, would YOU allow Rev. Right any where near your children? My mentor died 18 years ago this spring but still remains one of the most powerful forces in my life. Obamas is still alive and has had 20 years to continue to influence not only him but his wife and children.Ask yourself this, would YOU feel comfortable with Rev. Wright as the presidents spiritual advisor?Truth is funny it has a way of surfacing when you least expect it and mucking up the works, but as I said truth is truth even if you dont want to hear it.

527anamericanvoice said...

wow, well said cer. the media now seems to be attempting to ignore the entire issue. I dont think this can be ignored. Its nice to see it layed out so well, thank you.