Saturday, March 15, 2008

Rev. Jeremiah Wright Solves Michigan & Florida Primary

Now that the country has seen the real views of the democratic candidate Barack Obama is there any need to subject the voters or supporters of the Democratic Party to suffer the financial hardship of primary re votes? Is it realistic to expect the vote to be different, aside from possibly being worse for Senator Obama? The Super delegates know there is no way Barack Obama can survive the general election much less prevail in the general election. Just a reminder in the event you think Barack Obama can survive this Jeremiah Wright episode, one word SWIFTBOAT.

Its time for Barack Obama to show he has some integrity. He needs to call for the delegates from Michigan and Florida to be seated as voted and he needs to withdraw, just like he did from the Michigan ballot, and concede the nomination. The super delegates need to stand up and demand that Michigan and Florida and the Party not be subjected to Barack Obama’s political games and call for the delegates to be seated and Barack Obama to withdraw from the campaign.

America does not need division, we do not need separatist, extremist philosophies in the White House and as a whole democratic leaders, like Rep. John Lewis, can not support such divisive views and not be considered hypocrites.

Tomorrow………Rep. John Lewis right or wrong side of Civil Rights?

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