Monday, March 10, 2008

DNC Howard Dean Manipulation Scandal?

There are numerous media comments in reference to Michigan and Florida violating DNC agreed upon Primary dates. I will reference you to a letter, a link is provided below, from Senator Carl Levin and DNC Mi. Rep. Debbie Dingell, which clearly states New Hampshire violated the agreement prior to any other state violating the agreement, thus rendering the agreement null, the letter further states, Michigan’s original agreement was subject to the 4 “pre window” states abiding by the DNC set primary dates, which did not happen.

The letter goes on to chide Howard Dean on his obvious state favoritism in blatantly ignoring New Hampshire’s rules violation all the while seeking blood from Michigan and Florida voters, it is important to note that these new rules everyone keeps discussing are rules many say were pushed by Howard Dean. For the chairman of the democratic National Committee to even entertain the idea of quashing votes for any reason other than fraud is utterly unthinkable and should never have been tolerated by anyone at the DNC. Speaking of voter fraud, Mr. Dean, how about those caucuses? One has to ask with all the reports of various types of voter intimidations at caucuses why have you not addressed this issue? Could it be the DNC doesn’t want to have a cloud over the campaign of the caucus conqueror?

Debbie Dingell made a guest appearance March 7th on CNN with Marion Frances Berry in which she states that Howard Dean went to Michigan and promised the Michigan Representatives that the Michigan votes would count. Gee Howard, how come on all those multiple guest appearances on the mainstream media you NEVER mentioned your secret meetings nor your secret promises to Michigan nor New Hampshire‘s rules violation? Did you make similar promises to Florida’s representatives? Did you have more secret meetings in Florida?

Howard Dean has been quite busy, but a man who would rather be president than be right would of course be busy. Of course, if one is attempting to manipulate an election in favor of what maybe a more malleable less experienced candidate I guess one would be busy.

Much more is coming, we have several tips we are still working on obtaining verification of prior to posting.

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