Friday, March 28, 2008

Obama sets race relations back 30 years

We do receive death threats since we, our little group, stated making our opinions known and we regularly receive emails from people who obviously have no comprehension of civil rights or racial issues now or in the past. Below is an email I received and it is followed by my response, please note this response is my personal response.

Email we received:
if hillary wins, it will be at any cost.she has no grace,with each passing day the inevitable coronation she feels entitled is diminishing right before our eyes.beautiful,this is not a fucking dynasty.bush,clinton,bush,clinton its something fundamentally wrong with that dont you think¿think? now last but not least if you know any black older people who have been oppressed they thoughts doesnt differ much from rev wright,shame on america for promoting legalizing and terrorizing the very same people who were their slaves cooks & they just past the civil rights law not even 50 years aqo,c,mon!!!!

My Response:
You attempt to lecture me on civil rights, yet you show you have no concept of civil rights nor the the movement nor the progresses we have made. I have been part of the civil rights movement my entire life. What have you done? I know these "older black people" you speak of and they are quite disgusted by the words of Rev. Wright and the pandering of the "race" speech obama made. They found it mostly insulting. The radical movement of black liberation theology is new theology first and second it is based in holding on to old wrongs rather than moving past them. As a wonderful "older black man" recently said to me "jesus told us to turn the other cheek if we never do then we are still staring at old ugliness and that old ugliness aint there no more unless we put it there" these are the words of an 80+ year old southern black man, he also pointed out that this "rev" wright teaches only old testament which is pre jesus we are supposed to live by the new testament.
I know the civil rights fight in the south I have lived through the KKK so dont try and tell me I dont understand. You are sadly mistaken. My understanding doesnt come from photos and books it comes from real life real tears and real sacrifices, its hard for the younger people to judge what they did not live through when it is being taught to them from a racist and a bigot it only serves to propagate hatred instead of unity.
I have witnesses the bloody beaten bodies of racism I have witnessed the burning crosses I have witnessed the degradation of separate doors and water fountains and bathrooms and I have felt and seen the beauty and joy of the unity Dr. King brought to this country and Obama is no Dr. King and his understanding of the past struggles is limited to 20+ years in the pew of a racist hate spewing man. He has struggled for no equality he is a product of all the progresses we worked and struggled for yet rather than look at progresses he wants to fester the past and that will only bring it back.
I am sorry but for me this is personal. I sit here typing this and tears are running down my cheeks because of all the memories and all the sacrifices of the past and I see this man moving things backwards instead of forward and I see this country I love being divided so negatively when we have worked so hard for so long and made outstanding progress. I cant sit silently by while all those sacrifices and all those truths are ignored. Obama stood in Selma Alabama and LIED about Selma Alabama. As far as Hillary Clinton goes, she has actually WORKED hard for civil rights for special entitlements for black americans for education and for health care for everyone for years and years she has done more than just get elected to the next highest office she has actually WORKED to help all people. It is not about a dynasty it is about American and actually making it better for EVERYONE.
A Silenced Voter

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