Tuesday, March 4, 2008

What a REAL college student says about Obama

*This is a guest post by one of the Pajama Action Coalition college students. Please do not be offended by any comments in this post, these comments reflect the writers opinions.

I cant believe what is going on in this country. A lot of people my age are giving up a semester at college to campaign all over the country, and vote all over the county, and racially intimidate voters in caucuses all over the country all for Barack Obama, students from schools like Stanford. Well as one of them, a REAL COLLEGE STUDENT GOING TO SCHOOL, I am here to tell you ITS NOT IMPRESSIVE.

Barack Obama has made promises that all these students wont have to pay back their college loans if he becomes president. I for one think that is horrible. I incurred my debt and I am not looking for an easy way out at the expense of my country. The basic thinking is they will get involved now and then get THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS written off and TRUST ME, that ends their sudden motivated involvement.

If for one moment you think these NOT WORKING NOT GOING TO SCHOOL campaign WHORES are going to be around after this election YOU ARE WRONG! Heck I will be shocked if half of them are around at the general election. I have always voted, but the majority of them have NEVER VOTED and they are only voting now because they want something all this enthusiasm will disappear when they go back to classes.

My mother and father taught me you dont get something for nothing. Yes I do believe in national service, I think that would be great, but using the potential of national service to reduce student debt as a GET OUT OF DEBT FREE CARD is not right for our country right now. These students just think the TAXPAYERS OF THIS COUNTRY owe them something. Well, I am also a taxpayer and I dont owe them anything and neither does anyone else! This country can not afford that right now, maybe they need some math classes. Do the Obama campaign WHORES know what our deficit is? Can you say TRILLIONS, can you even write TRILLION? Geez I honestly cant believe this is happening.

I remember my parents had money when Bill Clinton was president, my parents felt financially secure, the dollar was not equivalent to the peso and gold was not sitting around 1000.00, we DID NOT GO TO WAR when the USS Coal was bombed, but we got the people that did it and I know what my country is and has experienced under the umbrella leadership of Bush's lack of experience. Screw that! I dont want a teacher that is nothing more than another student I want a PROFESSOR this time.

Promise me blue skies all you want to I am going to check the weather, and Obama is a BAD FORECAST.

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Chiraag said...

while in college could you please learn how to write without using all caps, and possibly correct grammar use?