Thursday, March 27, 2008

Howard Dean Stacking Credentials Committee Stealing Democracy

I did something I usually don’t do, I watched an interview with Carl Rove which aired on Fox News March 26 on the Greta Van Sustren Show. Carl Rove the originator of Rovian tactics made a statement about Howard Dean, chairman of the democratic party, which if true, to me as a Democrat, proves beyond much doubt Howard Dean is hijacking the Democratic Party. Carl Rove seemed almost in awe of Howard Dean’s tactics, as if Howard Dean has taken Rovian tactics to a new high or low depending on your view.

Carl Rove stated that Howard Dean had appointed 25 “Howard Dean loyalist” to the credentials committee and the remainder of the seats on the committee would be split between the candidates on a percentage basis. This is called stacking the deck. Lets put aside the utter lack of democratic leadership Howard Dean has shown and lets look at this delegate issue.

The chairman of the democratic party which espoused the slogan “Every Vote Counts” has sought for over a year to silence voters and strong arm the nomination process and completely negate the entire premise that every vote counts by refusing to count votes. He is not alone in the quest, John Kerry and Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama are very supportive of these efforts. Now, the only chance the voters of Michigan and Florida have is the credentials committee at the convention, which again if true this committee is being stacked in favor of silencing voters, utterly undemocratic. Why and what can be done about it?

I don’t think the why is hard to surmise. Howard Dean’s own comments in the past ring loudly in light of his recent actions, he stated he would rather be president than be right, that indicates a deep seeded yearning for the ultimate power in the United States. He silently ignored New Hampshire’s rules violation and never sought to penalize New Hampshire voters while seeking blood from the voters of Michigan and Florida by way of negation of all votes. Debbie Dingell Michigan DNC rep stated on CNN on March 5th that Howard Dean had come to Michigan and made promises that the votes of Michigan would be counted. . Was this early delegate issue allowed to fester even exacerbated by Howard Dean in order to manipulate the nomination process? Now the accusation that he is stacking the credentials committee

To the democratic party elders, this is supposed to be the democratic party not the radical leftist party. Remember swift boat because you are about to be in one again. You must stop this and return democracy to the party without a viable center candidate all democrats will be rowing in the Rev. Wright swift boat away from Washington in November instead of marching in victoriously.

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