Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Super Tuesday II An Exciting Twist

Well, last night, Super Tuesday II was certainly exciting. Hillary Clinton claimed more than minor victories. Though far out spent out advertised and out done in numbers on the ground and the internet, she still emerged the victor.
I realize that Barack Obama’s campaign is doing everything possible to minimize the losses Senator Obama endured tonight; however there can be no denying that the losses were major. Senator Obama has yet to carry a major state. This speaks volumes. Everyone has heard the old adage as Ohio goes so goes the nation well Ohio made a very vocal statement tonight as did Texas.
I do not believe Senator Obama’s backers, the money men making it possible for him to out advertise Senator Clinton in the reported rations of 36:2 on major prime time television shows and out spend her in reported figures from 2:1 with some estimates as high as 4:1, can be very happy with their return on investment.
Senator Obama campaigned vigorously in Texas more than Ohio and while he did get his numbers up with the amount of advertising and the amount of money his campaign spent in Ohio and Texas he should have showed much higher numbers. Apparently the current new movement and his blatant expectation of the black vote will not be enough to hide the real Senator Obama forever from public scrutiny.
I must say Hillary Clinton has suffered media treatment one might equate with a colonoscopy while Barack Obama has been overwhelmingly treated like an arriving prince; the medias own figures support this. Its time for the colonoscopy to be provided to Barack Obama, by that very same media. Here are some minor suggestions…..
Why, in the Ohio debate did everyone else refer to Louis Farrakhan as Louis Farrakhan EXCEPT Barack Obama who constantly referred to him as “Minister Farrakhan”? I believe it was because it was a wink wink node node, very similar to the NAFTA-Gate issue. I believe that it was a way to tell Farrakhan and his followers, I really to support you but have to say I don’t, as I have said before this was used in a manner to convey respect. I don’t think there is anyone that views Louis Farrakhan as a minister other than his followers.
How about, why has he constantly, his entire career, run for the next higher office, even when should he have won he would have to resign from his current elected position? Does he not see the problem voters are going to have with a ladder climbing politician that has sworn to serve the people of his district, but when he swore that he only meant until he could get elected to something better then he would just quit. So much for actually serving the people.
How about his wife’s significant raise from the University of Chicago Hospital System shortly after he was elected to the Senate, it is reported that she received a 195 THOUSAND DOLLAR PER YEAR RAISE AND PROMOTION, now I don’t know many that would turn that down, but was that a price to ignore the flagrant abuses of the Hospital System, abuses that were widely reported in the Chicago Tribune?
What about the board that his wife sat on part time for Bay View Foods; there is much to answer for there as well? Like all the hard working Mexican Americans they put out of work while paying board members and executives, in some cases MORE THAN WALMART EXECUTIVES.
How about Rezko, Senator Obama?
How about why do you and the media automatically assume that if someone is black they will automatically vote for you, without thinking or looking into who you are and what you stand for?
Or how about, in your congratulatory phone call to Senator McCain on his gaining his party’s nomination Tuesday night, why did you feel omnipotent enough to crowned yourself the democratic nominee, just how many votes do you plan on negating Senator Obama?
Senator Obama has a long rough road ahead, and I believe his fund raising will soon slow down considerably. Although the Obama campaign in a calculated move is expected to announce a huge fund raising totals from the month of February and possibly some super delegates that plan on supporting him. The timing of the release of this information is obviously calculated in an attempt to rob the Clinton campaign of momentum, this from the we play so nice Obama campaign. Although I don’t expect anyone in the fawning press to call them on their timing because lets get real people, its March 5th, they have known how much they raised in February they are simply trying to minimize the trouncing Senator Obama received last night.
The hard facts are Senator Clinton has won the big states and she has vigorously campaigned in all states and had very good numbers across the board, while Barack Obama cant deliver any big states now you know he cant in November.

Coming soon…….The DNC a simple Count Every Vote SOLUTION
Why the Republicans actually WHAT Barack Obama running

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