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Machiavellian Games at the DNC? Howard Dean Gate?

Could there be some nasty Machiavellian shenanigans going on behind the curtains at the DNC? Could there be a Rovian like game being played by a power hungry failed presidential hopeful? There have been suggestions in the past, through out the Internet blogging community that Howard Dean was playing King Maker with the rapidly risen and brand new Senator Obama, the question does more than bear scrutiny. So I suggest we scrutinize.

The much assisted rocket propelled rise of one Barack Obama.

96 Obama runs for the Illinois State Senate. He goes on to win the election easily considering he had legally challenged all the other candidates and had their names removed for the ballot on mainly minor technicalities so its hard to not win when you’re the only one running.
99 Runs for United States Congress somewhere in this time frame Democratic State Senate Majority Leader Emil Jones and has been reported as saying to then Chicago Alderman Cliff Kelley “I am gonna make me a US Senator” Alderman Kelley asked “Oh you are? Who might that be?” Senator Emil Jones replied “Barack Obama” it is further reported that then Kingmaker Emil Jones took legislation that had previously been introduced and put Barack Obama’s name on it or added Mr. Obama’s name to the legislation, legislation other senators has worked on but Mr. Obama had not and low and behold Mr. Obama got the credit for work he did not do. That may be why he voted “present” on a bill he supposedly cosponsored. So Barack Obama has Kingmaker #1, Ill Senate Majority Leader Emil Jones.
00 Looses bid for Congress
03 Announces bid for US Senate
04 Wins easily as his opponents self destruct when their divorce papers are unsealed and the republican that ran against him was Alan Keys who ran a hate campaign that appeared to have no real intention of winning. Upon winning the election, rumors had already begun circulating about a possible presidential run and he was asked about it on November 8th 2004 his response was “I am a believer in knowing what you are doing when you apply for a job and I think that if I were to seriously consider running on a national ticket I would essentially have to start now before having served a day in the senate, now there are some people who might be comfortable doing that, but I am not one of those people.” ummm guess he changed his mind in a few short months.
05 Sworn into US Senate
07 Announced Presidential Exploratory Committee; although it is widely accepted that the exploration began in much earlier possibly as early as 05
****Now its important to consider when Barack Obama joined the US Senate he had a seniority rating of 99 out of 100 there was only 1 below him, yet with no experience his name is appearing as co sponsor of legislation and he is appointed to or given a place on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. This does not happen with out help of some very powerful people. Barack Obama would have to be something in reference to foreign relations to put on his “resume” in order to run for president. One important point in Senator Obama’s recent political past is his address at the DNC conference in 2004. Howard Dean was the soon to be new chairman of the DNC, although he still appeared bitter over stepping aside in favor of John Kerry.

Now there are a few points to consider about the ever contentious leader of the Democratic Party Howard Dean.

04 In a speech Howard Dean gave in Albany N.Y. he stated “We are not retreating. We are not giving up“ Dean told an audience of nearly 1000. “We‘re not going to stop fighting because we‘re going to stand up for ordinary Americans even though the President doesn‘t“ this from a man who would just a few short years later seek to negate or nullify 2.3 million ordinary American voters

05 Howard Dean is elected Democratic National Committee Chairman, a position not without considerable power..

05 Howard Dean, in a June appearance of Hardball with Chris Matthews, made the following statement “although Barry Goldwater once said “I’d rather be right than president” I can’t tell you how much I disagree with that Barry Goldwater” soooo, Howard Dean would rather be president that be right??? Umm are we power hungry?? Still want to be president??

06 In an interview in November 06 with Chris Wallace the following exchange took place
CW “and finally. Barack Obama’s experience to be presidential candidate?”
Howard Dean “Look, Barack has done an enormous amount for the party. I don’t comment on 2008 because I really do have to be the referee.” Sounds like a very loud comment to me.

08 There are currently reports of Howard Dean attempting to “strong arm” super delegates into voting the way he sees fit, in order to push one candidate out of the race, rumors and a couple of tips, but there is also the Lou Dobbs Tonight comment which aired on March 5th 2008
“Well, Howard Dean, the chairman of the Democratic National Committee, has been screaming like a banshee about his preference that they resolve this in the primaries, suggesting not too artfully or subtly that the super delegates move to Senator Obama and that she retire from the field. He has got to be wondering what in the world is going on on Capitol Hill right now. What do you think?” quote from the Lou Dobbs Tonight.

Now the comments and actions by Howard Dean and the comments and actions by Barack Obama do not constitute much singularly; however taken together and with a couple of additional points of interest a picture might begin to emerge.

Take into account, the new rules the DNC is using to attempt to negate American votes are rules recently instituted, in 2006, and again rumor says the penalties were insisted on by Howard Dean. It is more than a little bit ironic that this committee that purportedly wrote these rules taking away voter rights and stripping voters of their vote was called “The Count Every Vote Committee”. I know either your mouth is hanging open or you are laughing hysterically, which ever I understand.

Have you taken a look at Barack Obama’s campaign; see any similarities to Howard Dean’s failed campaign? You should. Also, you will hear many of the same comments about Barack Obama’s campaign as Howard Dean’s campaign, things like, invigorating new voters, energizing the youthful generation and comments like that. Now take a look at some of Barack Obama’s early supporters, such as previously failed presidential candidate John Kerry and couple that with Howard Deans comments and couple that with the FACT that without assistance from senior political figures Barack Obama would not have the position he has on Joe Bidens Senate Foreign Relations Committee, a highly prized position indeed, even though admittedly he has never held a hearing, and its basically a figurehead title for the purpose of running for president. Now factor in the fact that Howard Dean who once vocally purported to support and stand for the “ordinary Americans” instituted “rules” that would punish voters for voting, then suggested nullifying them by splitting the votes evenly despite how the voters voted and couple all of this with the fact that he has staunchly defended a candidate that has yet to carry a major state and candidate that has won, in party, by creating racial tension, by vocally assuming the African American vote in whole, all the while making it obvious he is not defending the other candidate at all, and factor in Howard Dean’s own comment “although Barry Goldwater once said “I’d rather be right than president” I cant tell you how much I disagree with that Barry Goldwater”

Do all these things coupled together make you wonder? Is Howard Dean still desperately seeking the presidency? Is Howard Dean Barack Obama’s Kingmaker #2? Is Howard Dean trying to take a, fresh from his first successful national election, brand new inexperienced Senator and ‘make him a president’ much the way Emil Jones made himself a US Senator out of Barack Obama?
Emil Jones was handsomely rewarded for his efforts 300 million in pork barrel projects for Illinois and 10s of millions for Jones’s own district, which Emil Jones’s himself has said “ I don’t call that pork. I call that steak.”

Article with emil jones info and more
Below from Lou Dobbs show March 5, 2008
Well, Howard Dean, the chairman of the Democratic National Committee, Miguel, has been screaming like a banshee about his preference that they resolve this in the primaries, suggesting not too artfully or subtly that the super delegates move to Senator Obama and that she retire from the field. He has got to be wondering what in the world is going on Capitol Hill right now. What do you think?
Several episodes of Hardball with Chris Mathews
MSNBC coverage of Albany, NY speech
Several blogs and blog comments and hours of Internet surfing

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